” Lindsay is an incredible therapist who embodies both heart and refined skill in her work. Having been a massage therapist myself for 8 years I am very selective about who I feel comfortable and satisfied with on all levels and Lindsay is one of my top picks in Charlotte. Whether you are looking for nurturing, gentle touch or are healing from any level of physical trauma and seek in-depth anatomical knowledge of a practitioner, Lindsay has all the tools you could ever need.”   –Brooks Haislip


“Lindsay’s hands are golden! Which is exactly how you feel after leaving one of her massages. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and relieving your pain/discomfort with the proper techniques. Anytime I refer a friend to Lindsay they always come back and say she is the best massage therapist they have been seen!! I highly recommend you to schedule an appointment!” –Kelly Daniel


“Lindsay Riggsbee with Dilworth Bodyworks is by far a leading massage therapist in Charlotte, NC.  She takes the time (not table time) to discuss issue areas and then will focus her unique techniques to those areas while working the entire body.  Her holistic approach and depth of knowledge about the mechanics of the body, breath, mind, and spirit are caressed into each service.   True bliss is the best way to describe the way I feel after each appointment.  And the best part … even though the massage is over, I feel the comfort and a smile for the longest time after!  Just mention her name around circles and you’ll find someone who knows exactly what that smile feels like!!” –Elizabeth Brumbach


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lindsay for well over a year now and can’t say enough good things.  I’ve always preferred deep tissue work to a swedish style of massage.  Lindsay uses the perfect balance to address my trouble areas from a lifetime of athletics.  Each treatment she takes the time to target a specific goal for that session.  My overall posture, flexibility and stress levels have dramatically improved with Lindsay’s technique.  I am more than happy and will continue to recommend her to my friends, family and colleagues.” –Brandon Cullen – Founder of MADabolic Inc.


New clients receive 20% off their first session.



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