Swedish Massage

A system of long, gliding strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscle, with an emphasis on stimulating circulation throughout the body. Perfect for alleviating stress and general tension.
30 min = $50    60 min = $85    90 min = $115

Deep Tissue

A massage technique that incorporates deeper pressure and access into the underlying layers of muscle to alleviate pain and tension. Typically used for more specific problem areas and chronic issues.
30 min = $50    60 min = $85    90 min = $115

Prenatal massage

A combination of side-lying techniques formulated to maintain structural alignment to relieve tension, lower back pain and sciatica throughout the ever-changing body during pregnancy. This informative touch helps bring a body awareness to the birth experience and provides a sacred time for you and your baby.
60 min = $85    90 min = $115

Biodynamic Craniosacral

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy works with the Primary Respiratory system of the body. This system works basically as an ordering and self-correcting principal within the body, underlying the integrity of all the other systems of the body. Restrictions with the Primary Respiratory system or elsewhere in the body can diminish our well being and eventually lead to health issues. This work uses a gentle touch and a goal to quiet the mind and nervous system, therefore allowing the body to heal from within. This modality is great for those who have experienced trauma or have a heightened, over-stimulated system. For more information please visit
30-45 minutes = $50

Corporate Chair Massage

Using a massage chair, I can come to your office and provide 10-15 minute massage sessions to you and your employees / co workers. This is booked by the hour and can offer up to 4 hours of massage work in one day.
$70 per hour
(additional travel fees may be added to price)


New clients receive 20%

off their first session.


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